Welcome to the virtual space for Forgotten Fruits. I am here as an ambassador for nature. An advocate for living a life with the land, not just ‘off of the land’. I believe that truly sustainable human health in any context is an extension of living in harmony with your particular ecosystem. Living with the ecology that feeds, sustains, inspires, gives breathe to your lungs and beauty to your soul. We all have relationships to the land and they are either very close-up or by proxy. The fact is, if you are alive today you have been deeply blessed with sustenance and vitality from the elements of the planet. My mission is to draw people closer to those relationships and open up their eyes to the ways in which nature, if only listened to, can gift them with health and vitality that they may have never even known they could feel. My goal of deepening those connections is not achieved by fads and faulty information but rather through the time tested wisdom and knowledge of our collective ancestors. The method for remembering Forgotten Fruits is to always ask more questions. Some may call asking questions indefinitely skepticism but to me it is the child-like curiosity we are born with and I am here to encourage you to never let anyone dampen your spirit for knowing more about the truth. If you are here reading this now there is a good chance that you are a good bit like me.. you want to know what true sustainable health and relationship to our biosphere looks like and are tired of the millions of false assumptions floating around today. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks you for joining me as I ask mine and I look forward to getting grounded together in the wisdom that will give us long lives of purpose and healing.